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Baby Bhoot Goes to School - Part 2

Baby Bhoot and Joyi laughing and a very angry Bumpy drawn by my daughter

Bumpy jumped and looked around for his bag, but it wasn’t there! Instead of staying behind his chair like a well-behaved bag, it had jumped down to the floor! And what’s more – it was shaking and jerking like a horrible monster jelly!

Bumpy knew at once what had happened. Baby Bhoot was playing tricks again! He bent down and poked the bag hard, “Stop it, Baby Bhoot! Stop moving!”

The bag at once lay still. Bumpy picked it up angrily. Just then the bell rang for break. Bumpy rushed to the garden at once without waiting for Joyi. He hid behind a rose bush and opened his bag. And he was right! Baby Bhoot was curled up into a ball, laughing hard. He was laughing so hard that he had come out into little bumps and spikes like a prickly hedgehog.

“You!” whispered Bumpy fiercely, “Come out at once!”

Baby Bhoot came out and immediately fell down on the grass in a fit of giggles.

By now, Bumpy was so angry, his ears had turned red. But before he could say anything, Joyi ran up to them, waving excitedly.

“Bumpy! What happened? Why didn’t you wait for me?”

Then – “Ow!” she yelped as she saw Baby Bhoot, “What’s that?”

Baby Bhoot had hidden himself behind Bumpy, but now he jumped out. “I’m Baby Bhoot,” he told Joyi.

“Baby ---------------!” Joyi turned to Bumpy, “Bumpy! Is it true? Is it really a bhoot?”

“I’m not it, I’m he,” said Baby Bhoot before Bumpy could reply, “And I have a baby sister too.”

“Oh, sorry! Oh, wow!” Joyi was all out of breath with excitement, “Where do you live?”

“In Bumpy’s house.”

“Really?” Joyi’s eyes were shining, “Bumpy, really?

Bumpy said nothing. He wished Baby Bhoot would go away. He was spoiling everything.

“But Bumpy, that’s great! How exciting!”

Still Bumpy said nothing. He was feeling very fed up.

“Bumpy!” Joyi shook him, “Bumpy, say something!”

“He’s grumpy,” said Baby Bhoot suddenly, “He’s grumpy because he was scared when he saw me and you’re not scared at all. Grumpy Bumpy!”

“Rubbish,” said Bumpy angrily.

“It’s true!” said Baby Bhoot, “he was so scared he hid under the blanket! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Hee! Hee!” He rolled about on the grass, howling with laughter.

Bumpy’s ears began to turn red again.

Joyi began to smile, “Grumpy Bumpy!” The giggles turned into laughter. Then she sat down on the grass holding her tummy and shaking like a jelly.

And then Bumpy began to laugh. And then the three of them were rolling on the grass, holding their tummies and shaking like jellies.

And that is how Baby Bhoot became friends with Joyi. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thank you for reading the Baby Bhoot stories, you can find all of the Baby Bhoot Stories here. There is more to come.

Meanwhile, I am very excited to let you know that my debut novel "My Grandmother's Masterpiece" published by Penguin Random House India is now available for Pre-Order. You can pre-order my book via this link: New posts coming soon!

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