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How did a grandmother become a famous artist?

‘This is the story of how my grandmother became a famous artist. It happened somewhere between my seventh and eighth birthdays, so she was really old and also a grandmother, and I didn’t know she was an artist. And, of course, she was not famous. And then she was both, all at once.‘

For Nini, Minima is just her normal everyday grandmother. So when Minima suddenly shows an interest in doing something new, Nini is not sure that she likes it. After all, a grandmother’s first job is being a grandmother, isn’t it?

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The book that got published first

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We got this wonderful book as a gift.

"It’s a simple to read chapter book for young readers. It is a powerful, inspiring book about how Nini’s grandmother, Minima, became a famous artist. It all started at the school painting exhibition where Riju’s painting, was judged to be better than Nini’s. Nini came home annoyed and thought it was all because of his special paint box with 52 colours from London. Now, all she wanted was colours from London.
And after this, how the story unfolds is endearing to read. It was heart-warming to see how little Nini plays a pivotal role in helping Minima realise her dream. How two strong and determined women (Nini and Minima’s daughter-in-law, Ma) come together to extend their support to Minima in fulfilling her long-forgotten dream will make your heart swell with pride."

Read My Grandmother's Masterpiece

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