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Baby Bhoot's New Friend - Part 1

Baby Bhoot's Drawing by my daughter, now aged 14

The big house was being cleaned from top to bottom. The doors and windows were all open and men with brooms and brushes and dusters were going from room to room, cleaning. Dust flew, water whooshed and pails and buckets clanged loudly.

Baby Bhoot hated the noise the men made. He hated the smell of paint when the men stopped cleaning and started painting. In a sulky fit, he curled himself into a ball and went to sleep under his water tank. He wanted the men to go right away and take their smells and their noises with them.

The men left after a week. Baby Bhoot uncurled himself and flew down into the house. And what a surprise he got! The house was sparkling with fresh paint. All the furniture had been unpacked and the rooms looked happy and full. Baby Bhoot loved it all. But Mummy and Papa Bhoot looked very worried, “The people must be coming soon,” they told him, “You must not let them see you.”

The family came the next day. Baby Bhoot was not allowed to leave the tank all day. He sat and sulked and sulked and waited but he wasn’t even allowed to watch.

“Alright,” he said angrily to himself, “I know where the bedrooms are. Tonight I’ll show them!”

Nighttime came. Baby Bhoot waited for Mummy and Papa Bhoot to fall asleep. Then, quick as a flash, he slipped into the house.

He peeped into the big bedroom. But there were only two grownups on the bed. Baby Bhoot shook his head – wrong room!

He moved to the next one and ----------------------aha! Here were books, toys and the green bicycle and on the bed ---------------------------------------

Baby Bhoot tiptoed carefully over to the bed. It was a very dark night but a small light was shining on the bedside table. The person on the bed was deeply asleep, his blanket pulled up to his ears. All Baby Bhoot could see was spiky black hair sticking out on the pillow.

What could Baby Bhoot do? He badly wanted to see what the boy looked like. He had been waiting in excitement all day and now he couldn’t wait any longer.

Slowly he stretched out a hand and pulled the blanket back. Then he bent right down to the bed to be able to see better.

The boy’s eyes were closed, but Baby Bhoot thought he looked friendly. His mouth had turned up corners which were nice and smiley. He had large ears sticking out from his face and a small snub nose turned up to the ceiling. Baby Bhoot thought he would make a good friend.

He was about to put the blanket back when suddenly the boy’s eyes opened!

“Aaargh!!” screamed Baby Bhoot and jumped towards the window. He swung himself behind the curtain and stayed there, shivering with fright.

“Aaargh!!” screamed the boy and dived under the blanket. He pulled it right over his head and stayed there, shivering with fright.

For a long time, no one made a sound. Then, very very slowly, Baby Bhoot looked out with one eye. The blanket was not moving at all. But in one corner, Baby Bhoot saw a bright eye watching him........... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Who is the boy on the bed? Does Baby Bhoot really make a new friend? Find out next week!

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