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Baby Bhoot Goes to School - Part 1

Baby Bhoot's and Bumpy's Drawing by my daughter, now aged 14

Bumpy was getting ready to go to school. He had put on his white shirt, his grey shirt and his red belt. Just as he was about to pull on his socks, Baby Bhoot flew into the room, “Hallo Bumpy, you’re up early. Come and play.”

“Can’t,” said Bumpy putting his shoes on, “”I’m going to school.”

“School!” said Baby Bhoot excitedly, “Take me with you! Please, please take me with you!”

“No,” said Bumpy, “I won’t.” He was still trying to put his shoes on properly.

“Why not?”

“Bhoots don’t go to school, silly,” Bumpy stood up and slung his bag over his shoulder.

“But I want to see your school,” wailed Baby Bhoot, “And all your friends! And all the toys you play with!” And Baldy Sir! And your books!”

“Noooooooooooooooo!” said Bumpy loudly, “No-no-no-no-NO!” He marched out of the room.

Baby Bhoot was sad. Bumpy had never spoken to him so rudely. He flew to his favourite tree and began to pull the leaves off a branch. He saw Bumpy and Mummy come out of the house and get ino the car. Why can’t I go to school, he thought grumpily.

Bumpy got into the car happily. Mummy had made him a cheese sandwich for lunch and had also put in some chocolate biscuits. He was going to share them with Joyi, his best friend. And Nina Ma’am had promised to teach them a new song.

Bumpy’s playschool was only five minutes away. Every morning Mummy and Papa took turns to drive him there. Bumpy loved his school and all his friends. There was a lovely garden with all slides and swings where they all played. They sang songs with Nina Ma’am and every day after break, Baldy Sir told them stories. Baldy Sir was very good at telling stories. Sometimes, he acted them out, pretending to be lots of different people and sometimes, he got the children to act out a story while he told it. It was all great fun.

Joyi was Bumpy’s very special best friend in school. Bumpy and Joyi were very good friends. They shared everything, everything…………………..except Baby Bhoot. Joyi didn’t know about Baby Bhoot. Bumpy thought she wouldn’t believe him. After all, who would believe that a family of ghosts – nice ghosts – lived in your house?

Joyi was waiting for Bumpy at the school gate. As they walked down the garden, Joyi asked, “What have you got for tiffin?”

“Cheese sandwiches” said Bumpy, “and chocolate biscuits. What have you got?”

“Jam sandwiches and chips. Yumm!!”

“Yumm!!” said Bumpy, and they ran into the classroom together.

They spent a lovely morning learning their new song. After singing, they had colouring. Bumpy had a teddy bear. He was carefully colouring its nose red, when Joyi nudged him, “Your bag’s moving!”

Bumpy didn’t hear. He was wondering whether the ears would look nicer in green or in blue.

“Bumpy!” Joyi whispered loudly, “Your bag’s MOVING!”


I hope you enjoyed reading this new adventure of Baby Bhoot. Part 2 of Baby Bhoot goes to school will be out next week! Thank you for reading, don't forget to subscribe to my blog for new stories.

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