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2022 Press Mentions

How an Instagram post connected artists from different mediums across two states

Date: 27th December, 2022

Mahadevi Birla World Academy & Storyteller Bookstore host literature festival for students

Date: 16th November, 2022

Author Interview in Telegraph

Date: 11th September, 2022

My Grandmother's Masterpiece recommended in the News Now Feature​

Date: 6th June, 2022

Feminism India Feature

Date: 7th April, 2022

Edugraph Feature

Date: 23rd March, 2022

SARANGA Magazine

Date: 15th March, 2022

Pandemic takes a toll on reading and writing abilities of Kolkata kids

Date: 14th March, 2022

Penguin India #MonthofLove Feature

Date: 10th February, 2022

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