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Events 2023

IVWS Lit-A-Thon

DATE - 19th - 20th September, 2023

LOCATION - Indus Valley World School

A two day session at the Indus Valley World School Lit-A-Thon with Munni Monster and My Grandmother's Masterpiece

"Book Week" at RP Goenka International School, Kolkata

DATE - 6th September, 2023

LOCATION - Kolkata

Visited RP Goenka International School to speak to the students of primary school about Munni Monster and My Grandmother's Masterpiece. 

Loreto House 

DATE - 29th September, 2023

LOCATION - Loreto House, Kolkata

Visited Loreto House with Munni and Minima to meet classes 3, 4 and 5 students!

Varta Festival

DATE - 19th August, 2023

LOCATION - Dehradun

Attended the Varta Festival as part of the Likhawat Panel in Dehradun on August.