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Baby Bhoot

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

The Bhoot Famil
The Bhoot Family- drawn by my daughter aged 7

Baby Bhoot lived under a water tank on top of an old, old house. He lived there with his mother, his father and his baby sister. The house was old and empty. The people who used to live in it had gone away to live somewhere else. So there was no-one left to look after the old house. It had dirty walls and dirty doors and dirty windows. There were no tables, no chairs, no books and no toys. It was a very sad house.

Baby Bhoot’s baby sister was very small. She spent all day in Mummy Bhoot’s lap or swinging on her cradle that Baby Bhoot had made from a spider’s web. Baby Bhoot would look at her and think – a baby is not much fun.

Poor Baby Bhoot was lonely. He had no-one to play with. He flew from one empty room to another looking for a friend to play with.

There were some spiders in the hall. Baby Bhoot flew up to them and said, “Come and play”. But they only scuttled back into their webs and looked at him with their small black eyes.

Baby Bhoot moved slowly to the kitchen. There were some mice hiding under the sink. “Come and play,” Baby Bhoot flew down and said. But they ran away into their holes and wouldn’t come out.

Baby Bhoot went out into the garden, feeling sad. Why would no-one come to play? He sat on a leaf and began to swing, feeling sad.

Just then he heard a noise. A big blue van was coming up the road. Baby Bhoot hid himself in the tree and watched.

The van stopped in front of the house. Two men got down and looked at the house, then at a piece of paper in their hands.

What was happening? Baby Bhoot watched excitedly. The men began to unlock the van. “Mummy, mummy!” shouted Baby Bhoot, “Come here! Come and look!”

Mummy Bhoot and Papa Bhoot came hurrying. As the three of them watched, the men began to unload the van. They took out a table, four chairs, a sofa and a bed and carried them all inside the house. Then they took out lots and lots of boxes and carried them in as well.

“Do you know, Papa” said Mummy Bhoot, “I think someone is coming to live here.” She looked at Baby Bhoot, “We will have to be very careful.”

Baby Bhoot stayed on his branch all day. The men took lots of things inside the house. There were boxes full of toys. There was one full of books and even a green bicycle.

That night Baby Bhoot cuddled up to Mummy Bhoot and thought hard. Mummy had said there would soon be people in the house. Baby Bhoot shut his eyes happily. He was sure he would soon have a friend to play with.

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