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Madhurima Vidyarthi

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A Storytelling Session at Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata

A sunny Friday afternoon spent with inquisitive children, parents and even some grandparents talking about grandparents, hobbies, memories and books....

We began our session at 12 p.m. with an introduction to my books, "My Grandmother's Masterpiece" and "Munni Monster".

The session was well attended and very interactive, The were keen to engage with the excerpt, the questions and very eager to share their own stories. We touched on many different topics - the names they call their grandparents by, the memories they have of them, and their own hobbies and interests.

The illustrations in the books were a huge hit, especially for Munni Monster, where they helped to create suspense around the central character. We discussed who monsters are or could be and whether Munni was a monster after all and ended the session with a brief introduction to cerebral palsy.

Here are a few more photos from the event that was:

One of our little participants also read her version of the Ramayana written in her own words at the very end. You can watch the video below:

A short but very sweet and intense afternoon to indulge our love of reading, writing and storytelling . Watch this space for more coming soon!

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